A special Army unit travels behind enemy lines during the Korean War and soon finds themselves being hunted by something not entirely human. 


Strange visitors from beyond the Earth turn out to have darker origins and intentions than anyone guessed.


A resurrected super soldier must do battle with a magical monster in 1962 Laos working for the Viet Cong.


1968, Africa. A British Templar, a Voodoo Warlord and an American Super Soldier are about to collide in a supernatural battle royale on the Dark Continent. 


After being resurrected by a Mid-Western vampire, a young medical student joins the US Army in eliminating a village of the undead in 1974 Morocco. 


A mysterious plea for help from the bowels of the earth turns out to be a supernatural super computer that has decided to switch sides in an ages-old war against humanity.

X-PONENT (February 2016)

Super-powered terrorists unleash a campaign of death and destruction in North America, placing them squarely in the sights of the Shadow Detachment. 

When an Artificial Intelligence uncovers a supernatural cyber plot to murder innocents using the Internet, he'll need a super soldier to carry out a search and destroy mission in 1997 Hong Kong.

A secret war has raged in the shadows for centuries as the forces of darkness try to exterminate mankind. In the mid-20th Century, the United States forms a covert unit of super soldiers, psychics and scientists to drive back the dark and defend humanity: Detachment 1039, the Black Sabers. For over 50 years, this secret Detachment has fought in the shadows, battling evil all around the globe in all its monstrous, supernatural forms. These are their stories...

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