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About the books

The Dark War

Shadow Detachment

Dark Invaders

Stone Soldier


Blood Traitor

Infernal Machine


Satan's Servers


Brothers in Stone

Blood and Stone

Shades of War

Black Knight Down

Armageddon Z

Seven Deadly Sons


Pale Horseman

A Lucky Day to Die

One Dark Step

Winters Fury

Shadow Raiders

Spectral Ops

Spectral Ops: Ghost Walker

Imagine a world where magic still existed and monsters lurked just out of sight, deep in the shadows, ready to strike. In such a world, men of great heroism and valor would not be enough to keep the forces of darkness at bay--more would be needed.

Enter the world of Detachment 1039, the Black Sabers, where supersoldiers, psychics and scientists battle the forces of darkness to protect the world and ensure humanity's survival in a never-ending Dark War. 

Fast-paced, action-packed novels and short stories reveal this world, layer by layer as the men and women of Detachment 1039 fight the mythical and the magical.