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A collection of Books 10, 11, and 12 in the Stone Soldiers series...

A LUCKY DAY TO DIE: When a family member is murdered, Colonel Kenslir launches his own investigation in Las Vegas, uncovering a casino run by a witch cheating her patrons out of their souls.

ONE DARK STEP: For decades, they have operated with impunity around the world, tormenting and torturing man and woman alike. But the stone soldiers are about to tale the war against the forces of darkness offworld and strike at evil's doorstep: on the Moon. 

WINTERS FURY: Josie Winters awakens from a coma, finding herself thrust into a mundane life she doesn't remember. She soon discovers this isn't her life, and has to escape from the military long enough to recover her memories and exact revenge on those who sought to imprison her.

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Recruited by the U.S. Military, Professor Richard Merlo and his assistant Omorose Nasser find themselves transported from their paranormal studies to the middle of the Arizona desert, investigating a haunted military outpost abandoned decades before. The academics soon find themselves in over their heads, investigating a spectral murder at the invisible hands of the entities that have made a deactivated missile silo their home. The hunters soon become the hunted, caught between non-corporeal hostiles and a military unit comprised of supernatural soldiers in a battle to prevent an ancient evil from unleashing a very modern armageddon on the innocent.

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