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>>>The war against the forces of evil has moved off-world!

>>>Discovered under the ice in Greenland, a massive, golden portal is all that stands between man and myth, severing the connection between Midgard and the far-away home of the gods. 

>>>Opened by treasure hunters, the gateway to an alternate reality Earth called Asgard by it's inhabitants now represents a threat to all humanity. The Army of Odin has been awakened and prepares to launch an offensive against mankind and reclaim Earth for themselves. The only thing standing in their way is Detachment 1039 and the best of the United States' Armed Forces. Will it be enough to stop Ragnarok, or is this the end of man and monster alike?

Now on Kindle, as a novel or in serialized format!

>>>The end is near! The final Stone Soldiers book, Winters Fury is coming soon, but that doesn't mean the end of the Stone Soldiers...

>>>Splitting off into two new series, Detachment 1039 continues their war against evil on Earth and Beyond.

>>>Spectral Ops resumes in May 2017, continuing the spectral war on Earth as the Detachment struggles against a global outbreak of angry spirits and the secret leadership of the paranormal invasion, hiding in the shadows...

>>>Shadow Raiders, available in print and digital now, takes the action to evil's doorstep, with the Detachment traveling to alternate planes of existence and strange new worlds to strike the forces of Darkness where they hide!