For decades, Detachment 1039 has defended America and the world from the supernatural, relying on psychics and scientists to defeat the armies of darkness. But flesh and blood can only do so much. To turn the tide of battle and drive the enemy back into the shadows calls for men as unbreakable as stone--soldiers hardened by magic, with years of combat experience and armed with the latest technology. These Stone Soldiers are America's secret weapon in a never-ending war, battling myths, monsters and magic around the world. Available in print and on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo and!

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"...The descriptive writing and attention to detail he writes with illuminates the scenes in your mind without bogging you down being wordy. The interaction between characters spans from entertaining to endearing. I find myself reading at any chance I get. The storylines are captivating, even through the descriptive back stories of the new characters. The Stone Soldiers series manages to reproduce the excitement and action in each new addition to the series without becoming repetitive or predictable!"

​"I loved the characters and it wasn't filled with a lot of fluff. If you just want to escape for awhile this is a must read. It combines some of my faves....warriors, paranormal fiends, witches, humans and the world in danger, who could ask for more. If you like gargoyle type stories and good battles you're gonna love this hero!"

​"--lot's of action, mayhem and adventure. Each page is a turner to the next one. This series would make an awesome MOVIE." 

"I love these books and hate to finish them and yet can hardly wait to read the next one. I recommend these books to anyone who wants a entertaining read front to end..."

"This series is different, creative on so many different levels and subtly tied to historical events. Characters are rich and engaging and the action while a little over the top is just good fun. For any book to receive a five star rating it needs to be a book I'll reread again. This book, this series , are definitely in the reread category and several have already been reread, so there definitely a fun fast enjoyable five star read."

"Have you read Monster Hunter International? Do you like a plucky super humans versus evil monsters? Or do you just want some adventure where evil is evil and good is good? Did you keep up with all 9 seasons of the WB's Supernatural? Ok. Here ya go."

"I just love these kinds of stories: supers and people vs monsters. Once in a while you just want a clean story with no odd grey morality play... If you liked MHI, Supernatural, then you'll most likely like this too."

"Having read all the Stone Soldiers novels and prequels, I can't wait to continue the series! The mixture of magic, might, and mayhem can't be beat! The stories are well written,the characters bold,yet "human". The books can be read individually or as a series and either way are enjoyable. Once you start,you'll get hooked on these Stone Soldiers!"
" paced action adventure in true Pulp Fiction style that C.E.Martin is so damn good at. From the opening paragraph to the final period, this is a book of outstanding action and adventure with a bit of mystery and intrigue thrown in and I highly recommend not only this book but any and all books in the Stone Soldiers series. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!"

"Excellent books. I could not put it down. Can't wait to see what else he writes. Will it be another for the soldiers?"

"The action never stops. A really great read. You really should read them all. If you happen upon this one, it gives a background so you won't be confused, but you must read them all to understand all the nuances that are between the characters. Don't miss this series!"